IT Application Portfolio Migration to Cloud,
Seamlessly and With Lesser Risk

Cloud adoption calls for organizational capabilities rather than just specific technical capabilities & hence we recommend use of cloud adoption framework (CAF) that focuses on different areas of the organization. CAF developed by AWS is a structured body of knowledge that will enable organizations to extract maximum value as it is based on industry best practices & references frameworks such as COBIT, TOGAF & ITIL. Various areas of focus relevant to deploying cloud based applications are, business, platform, maturity, people, process, operations & security. Each in its own perspective provides guidance for maximization of benefit realization.

Zen In Cloud experts will assess your current environment along with your key stakeholders & identify components that are relevant for successful cloud adoption. The next step is to run pilot projects based on identified components & build confidence by mitigating risks on the journey of cloud migration. Last but not least optimize the portfolio of cloud based applications so as to derive maximum value within optimized resources & risks.

Organizational Perspective

Cloud Adoption Framework

by AWS

Proof of Concept, Pilot

Considerable Cost Saving

Change Management

Business Continuity

Zen In Cloud refers and utilizes best practices such as Cloud Adoption Framework by AWS

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