Empower Your Business with Cost Effective
Data Warehouse and Analytics in Cloud

Zen In Cloud Data Warehouse and Analytics service can help you transforming data into actionable insights. Its analytics and business intelligence services keeps decision makers well informed about your business insights. We strongly believe that a successful BI strategy is about right information accessible to the right people at the right time.

Using cutting edge technological plaforms and tools like AWS Redshift, AWS EMR Elastic Map Reduce, Hadoop and other tools, Zen In Cloud can help you with

Build Data Warehouse

Fast, Managed, Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse

Data Mining

Rediscovering from big data or conventional data

Research and Analysis

Researching and analysing integrated data patterns

Intelligence, Reporting

Reporting business intelligence for making decision

Speedy & Agile

Gone are the days of tedious and slow implementation of BI tools

Reduced Risk

Lower the risk with BI tools seggregated from business operations

DevOps Tools